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A labyrinth is defined as "a complicated irregular network of passages or paths making it difficult to find one's way; a maze” which is a perfect metaphor for life in general and my personal journey specifically. Who I am, an artist, former designer or have I consistently been both? Regardless, excelling at each is what has always driven me and where they meet is a source of inspiration and beauty.


If you have been following my work you will notice a significant evolution with my new SERIES titled LABYRINTH. I have been working with round, circular themes and shapes but the turmoil and challenges I have faced these last few years have been unsettling and confusing. Sharp and pointed triangles — not smooth and calming terrain like circles better describes the maze I have been navigating. 


Finding my way through this warren of rooms and long corridors on my constantly emerging spiritual pathway has been painful & disorienting, making the exits and safe-harbor-center a challenge to find. Simultaneously it is exhilarating and helps focus my mind on creating. The privilege to express myself through art, and have commercial success thanks to this labyrinth of intersecting paths is a blessing I recognize with extreme gratitude.

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