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Humanity has always been on the move. Throughout history, we have migrated in search of new opportunities, as well as to escape persecution, conflict and poverty. Early humans were nomadic, traveling in search of food, shelter, and safety. Today, people move for many different reasons, including economic, political, cultural, religious, and environmental factors.


Using recycled materials in his art, particularly denim, Ronen Azulay engages in a conversation around movement. While pushing boundaries as an artist he simultaneously refers to his background and personal story while no longer relying solely on conventional tools. In this body of work he adapts everyday materials, stretches and reshapes them. This allows him to explore proportion, composition and space. From this point instead of painting and adding layers of color Azulay reverses the process and extracts layers of color. By doing so a migration of color starts to form, from its original ground to endless rich shades and tones of itself. This process enables him to modify the surface and then add layers of color. This cycle conveys a philosophical and symbolic narrative about color, identity, shape, transformation and adaptation.

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