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The works in this exhibition present a deep and personal tapestry of my family's history. The show traces the origins of a union that transcended tribal boundaries, a testament to love's power to bridge divides. The seed was planted in my mind by the memory of my great aunt’s Moroccan wedding dress (El-Keswa El-Kbira) – an heirloom that represents the beauty and rich culture of the Sephardic diaspora. As I examined my family lineage, I discovered an ever-changing world – one marked by escalating intra-Jewish tensions that necessitated the concealment of our roots, particularly the precious North African heritage. 

This body of work comes from profound self-discovery. The mosaics are painstakingly assembled from cherished recycled fabrics and scraps of leather, generously bestowed upon me by my community. The strength and resilience of these materials is informed by the struggle my people have endured for millennia. Following a transformative family pilgrimage to Morocco, I returned home laden not only with physical souvenirs, but also with treasured ancestral narratives. With these, I am reconstructing my family’s history and identity. 

Amidst the current backdrop of war in Israel, this presentation, takes on heightened relevance. It compels us to be introspective to our individual histories and heritage, and ultimately, to confront the question – how do we define our shared humanity? In this pivotal moment, we are entrusted with shaping future generations. How will history judge our behavior, our actions Our Legacy. 

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